Marketing your story

Have you ever thought who your target market is? 

 It is one of the first things businesses are encouraged to do.  If you market to everyone you are marketing to no one. You need to know who you wish to reach.

This is important. However, if you try to be a chameleon, being someone you are not in order to reach your market, then you will not suceed. People buy from people they trust. Being genuine and authentic is so important. This is why I put your story first.

What made you choose to run your business? 

Often it is trying to solve a need of your own. In which case you should market to people just like you. It then becomes easy. You are already speaking your customers’ language. You can sound passionate, and you can talk authentically about wht you do.

It may be something you are passionate about making, perhaps a family recipe, or something you designed. This is the sort of thing your customers will love to hear about.

If you make something others are already making, but do it to give money to a charity dear to your heart, let your customers know. People love, and care about who they buy from. Especially when they can buy into your story.

Yes we need to know our market, but we also must not forget who we are, and be true to ourselves and then tell your story with passion.

Once we have defined your unique story and who you are targeting, then we can create a prototype of your website and refine the content while designing the look and feel in parallel. What I deliver is not a generic website but something unique to you to generate customers for you.

Thinking of Google

Along with designing your website to tell your  story and making it easy to navigate for your customer, I also think about Google.

It is important to think about whether Google will also love your site as this increases your return on investment (ROI). Right from the start this will be inbuilt into your website.

Future-proof your website

If you are just starting out, and want a website that gets you noticed, but want to keep it simple to get you going, I can get your branding and story right right from the start. As you grow though, we can grow the website together to fit with your business needs at every stage.