I’ve lived enough years (on the wrong side of 50) to have had multiple careers and experiences that have made me, me.

Unusually for someone of my age, I studied software design as part of my degree (back in the days when there were very few computers) and then spent nearly 10 years in the aerospace industry designing software for aircraft.

Having children brought about many changes to my life.  We bought a small farm which we farmed sustainably, and for another 10 years I designed rugs made using the fleece of our goats.  As part of this I created my own website and successfully marketed my bespoke rug designing skills to the challenging interior design profession, often many miles from my home.  This was very rewarding, and brought me into contact with many lovely people, and even resulted in one of my rugs being on the front cover of an international textile magazine.  However as our family grew, and we lost key suppliers, our own route to continue would have meant importing yarn, and that was not what I set up my business to do.

Along the way I had worked on a number of websites, both my own and for others.  I have a passion for design, and for creating something that answers a client’s needs – and get a real buzz from stretching the brief to unveil something that goes beyond a client’s expectations.  

When I started website design it was in the days when everything was done from first principles using software such as dreamweaver.  Today things are more sophisticated, but websites still need a designer’s eye, and a stoyteller to truly do justice to a business, church or charity.  The question needs to be, what makes you unique, and how is this best reflected in the modern world?