New website, adding to the story and branding

This church is full of community spirit with a large friendly congregation.  They needed a website designed that truly showcases what they have on offer.

When I was asked to take on the role of their website designer the current website had a lot of very good information, but had large gaps in the story it told of what they did and the branding did not reflect the church as I came to know it.

There are three churches in this parish, Bridport, Beaminster and Chideock.  Chideock is worth a special mention as it is dedicated to Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs and to St. Ignatius. Chideock Castle  became a refuge for Catholic priests and a place where loyal Catholic villagers could go to Mass. During this time, seven Chideock men were martyred for their faith. When the Castle was destroyed in the Civil War, the Arundells left Chideock, but despite persecution, the local people kept the faith and worshipped in secret in the loft of a barn next to the present Manor House.


I started afresh with its appearance, new colours (reflecting the Catholic church), designing seasonal banners (changing with the liturgical year), a new logo and font groups.  We chose a clean contemporary look, as Bridport church is a modern building.  Through the year the front page banner showcases  artwork that is created to visually worship our Lord.

Previously all the photos were showing an empty church, and yet the church has a large congregation.  I updated a lot of the photos, and created page banners that reflect more of the life of the church.

New website content

The church has so much to offer to children, and this is a very integral part of the church. The priest was previously a teacher, and so has a natural affinity with the children.  This, along with the six children catechists that serve the church means that the church has a very active children’s programme.  Fresh pages were created for the different age appropriate activities that were on offer.

In addition further pages were added to answer questions that non-Catholics who may be seeking information could refer to.

Pages were then re-ordered to rationalise the top menu and make content easier to find.  Many of the pages were tweaked to improve readability.